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Truth Doesn’t Have to Hurt

All my life, I have always enjoyed collaboration. I am pretty extroverted and really enjoy people. If you are in front of me, lets hang out! My tendency though is horrible communication with those not in front of me.

I’m serious. Horrible.

I know some of you are reading this blog saying “Thank Goodness you finally admit this you idiot!” haha I know. I’m sorry.

I have a team of guys, 13 of them to be exact, that I reached out to for prayer and fasting when my wife and I felt God calling us to plant a church. For the men that I saw on a weekly basis, they were in the loop. They were probably telling me to stop talking in their head. For those that I didn’t see often, they weren’t. My email communication was not the best. My last pastor can agree to this. Communication was the name of the game for my first 2 years of ministry.

Not to long ago, I ran into one of the guys on that prayer team and he said “Dude! Where has the email update been??” So I back pedaled, made excuses, and apologized. He looked me square in the eye and said “Gabe, you stink at this.”

And I smiled.

I can be a fighter. I can get defensive and argue have a little bit of a temper sometimes. But I smiled because I knew this guy really loved me, really cared for me, really wants the best for me, and was not afraid to tell me to get my stuff together. I am grateful for that!

Do you have that? People in your life that aren’t afraid to tell you the truth, not because they are jerks, but because they genuinely want whats best for you and your growth?

The only reason I watch American Idol is for the dozen of people that never had anyone tell them they stink at singing. They are awful and it is sometimes painful to watch, but I love it! As soon as the first few episodes are done, I quit watching.

Don’t be that guy or girl. Find someone who loves you and let them speak truth into your life. It may hurt for a moment but it will save you so much pain and struggle later.

Heres some proof of what I mean from American Idol!