Monthly Archives: January 2015

Church is Cancelled!

You cancel “church” for a football game?!

Our church gathers on Sunday nights at 5:30 and then we scatter through out the week for life in community. Our goal as a church isn’t to get as many people under one roof once a week. Its not to act one way on Sunday and be a different person the rest of the week. Our goal is to live as family, always. We believe that Gods plan to change the world is to have groups of people saved by Jesus to be the church. This is how we would prove our claims that Jesus is the savior of the world; not by a weekly service, but by the quality of life within the community known as the church.

This can’t happen once a week for an hour. This must happen outside the walls of a building and in people’s homes. Where people can do life with each other and act as a family- a community living with a purpose.

We want to be a church that hangs out with people on their terms. For a church that claims to love people, we sometimes have a hard time giving up our traditions to show the love that we claim to have for people.

If all this is true, then action must take place. Therefore, Sunday, February 1st, we are canceling our weekly gathering and having 3 or 4 Superbowl parties at different peoples houses.

To be with people.

On neutral grounds.

Not because we want anything from them or somehow expect them to come to our church- but just to love. Love with no agenda. Love with no expectations. Love for loveness sake.

The church is not a building- it’s a movement. It’s a people. Its group of people called out for a purpose. What does that look like? Come to one of our Superbowl parties! (or big game parties. I don’t want to be sued.)