Great Expectations

If I could be completely honesty, I am nervous. Crazy nervous. Super anxious. The anxious that you feel in your stomach, constantly. Especially when things get really quiet and still. I am going to be a dad, again.

And I cant wait! We have entered into the “any day” stage. Every time Bre calls, I greet her with “are you in labor?” One, because it drives her crazy but two, because she could be. Just a few more days (or up to 2 weeks) until I get to hold Grady James for the first time, and Mommy, Daddy, and Aubryn welcome the fourth member to our family.

The anticipation is killing me. And it made me think today why am I not as expecting and anticipating God to show up and do something. You know the disciples walked around Jesus with some serious anticipation that at any moment, Jesus was about to tell a dead man to get up, to heal a blind man, to challenge the status quo of the day. But most days, God is just a thought. I dont consider that he could show up in my life, my friends, my situations, and turn things upside down for his glory.

But its growing. I have a real genuine excitement for what God is doing/going to do through our church and in our neighborhood, on campus, and in Dahlonega,

If you and I believe Jesus is who He says He is and He will do what He will say He will do, then you and I should walk around a little nervous- the excited nervous- that at any moment, Jesus could show up and do something incredible in our midst.

I want that. I long for that. Just as I long to hold my baby boy.


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