Dodd Family Update

Well, we are a little over a month into our church planting journey. We had no idea what we were walking into, the time line we would be working with, any details, we just knew God had called to step out and pursue church planting, no matter what.  So here is a snap shot of our last month.


**** Even before we had fully stepped down from Lanier Hills, God gave me the opportunity with Fox Home Services doing attic insulation. It is a great job and my boss loves the Lord and supports what God is doing in my families life. It is construction so it isn’t the most consistent work, but we are making enough to pay our bills are being paid.


**** As we continue to ask God for the next step in this journey, God continues to burden and excite our hearts about church planting in a college town. Because of that, we have narrowed our search down a little. Currently, we are praying through Dahlonega, Ga, (North Ga College and State University), Eugene, Or. (University of Oregon), and Corvallis, Or. (Oregon State). We are trying to line up trip to Oregon at the end of this month to be able to taste and experience Oregon culture.


**** We are trying to sharping out sword. One of my mentors, Scott Goetz, told me that in this limbo time, all I need to be doing is sharping my sword and getting ready for war. And that’s what we are doing. Trying to read, grow, learn, and prepare as much as we can for when God gives us the location and green light, we are ready.


So thats where we are. Trying to be present in this middle ground. I had one of my college students ask me the other day how we were doing over text. I responded back, “Good, just working.” He responded back with,

“I thought you were going to plant a church??”


It made me laugh but I could see his confusion. We are planting a church. But like I said earlier, we stepped out with no details, logistics, or location. So we knew we would be in a holding period for a while. We would love to be moving and getting ready for the plant by January but we are just going to love the season we are in and listen to the Lord for the “Go.”


Thanks for your prayers.


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