A New Journey

Here I sit, at the Starbucks on the campus of University of North Georgia, a church planter. Yea, I said it, my family is here to plant a church in Dahlonega, Ga. To some of you, this is no surprise. But for others, this is new news. To say we are excited is an understatement! To say that my wife and I are crazy is true. And to say that this church plant will never work with out the wisdom, grace and providence of God is what I cling to.

Just a little about the church… We are The Branch Church. “A gospel centered community living on mission.” We prayed and did some preliminary core team development in the fall, but officially launched in January. Currently we are meeting in my home on Thursday nights. We are still developing our core team and adding people to this team. We haven’t publicly launched and wont until the fall. We just moved up to Dahlonega in mid-January so we are still meeting people and learning what it means to be a ‘nugget’, even though we will never officially earn that title (they don’t pass out that label to just anybody. Only life-long Dahlonegians).

I am still working at Starbucks part time in Cumming because their insurance is awesome! Bre and I constantly talk about how full our hearts are being in this city. We literally told God we would plant a church anywhere in the US and we are so grateful he led us here, to Dahlonega.

Let me be honest though, there is a lot of work to be done. A constant prayer and plea from our core team to the Lord is for laborers. “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few…”

I will be blogging more and more about the church and what God is doing through us. How he has led us and guided us here is more than a miracle. And we know that he has big plans for this church and this city.

So will you join us in prayer. Just an hour ago, I sent Bre a text to pray for me, that I felt attacked, and within minutes, her prayers let to a spirit of peace over my soul. Prayer works, no lie. And I know we need tons of prayer from the saints.

Just two quick ways that you can pray for us…

  1. Laborers- we are trying to get the right people on the bus so that our launch and ministry will flourish. Will you pray that God will draw people to the work He is doing.
  2. Provision- we have had a few churches and organizations step up and support us both financially and partnering with us. As we launch this church, we will be raising support for the church for the next 3 years while we get it off the ground. I am in the process of getting the fundraising started, so pray that God will provide for the mission of The Branch Church through His people.  If you would like to support the church, please contact me and I would love to meet with you and explain the vision and the need.

Thank you for your prayers. And keep praying.

gabe, bre, aubryn, and grady


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